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Connecting Businesses
directly to their Consumers

Ob desk provides easy to use cloud based "Software System" for business owners to manage their daily business activities and market their products & services through our direct to "Consumer Apps". Read More

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Our Automated Systems

For Retailers


On-line Shopping is increasing daily but getting all the tools together to setup e-commerce is a lot of work. Ob Shoppers App is for those who do not want to spend a lot of money and time setting up, but still like to sell on-line. You will have your own panel to upload and maintain your products and pricing and you can sell as many products as you want.
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For Vendors


Our automated system for vendors is connected back to back with event planning apps and wedding planning apps, which allows vendors to easily connect with existing clients and find new clients. Advertise your products and services directly to your target market and get estimate requests right into your software system.
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For Realtors


Our automated system provides realtor’s with a platform to efficiently complete their daily tasks, link their database with MLS database, connect with their clients and find new clients by posting their properties on the consumer apps. This automated system allows the realtor’s to spend more time with their clients and generate more revenue.
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For Contractors


Our System for Contractors is designed specifically for each category within the construction industry. Boost your efficiency, reduce your paper work and complete more projects to help your company grow. Simply turn estimates into a quick process, create a list of materials, set reminders for purchase orders, schedule tasks to your crews’ and make invoices all in one system.
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For Suppliers


Our system for suppliers is connected directly with retailers and contractors and provides a platform for suppliers to sell their products directly to the consumer’s platform. We provide you with a full e-commerce system and panel for you to manage your orders. Simply plug in your products and get connected with your clients.

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For Builders


Building a home can be a very complicated process unless you have a system to help you. Our system for builders is directly connected with local contractors and building suppliers, which makes the building process a seamless one. Handle your estimates, invoicing, schedule your single or multiple projects, and order material for your projects right from your panel.
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Our Consumer Apps

Event / Wedding Planning Apps

This app is designed for couples who are ready to tie the knot and want their wedding events to be stress free. Event / Wedding Planning Apps has all the tools required to organize all types of events including, managing guest lists, venues, budgeting and most importantly dealing back and forth with vendors. Couples can short list their vendors by viewing their portfolios, requesting estimates and start communicating directly with vendors from their panel. This app has e-commerce attached to it, so retailers can sell any product they want to by simply uploading their product images and information from their panel. To read more about this app please go to www.desiapps.ca / www.obapps.ca

Shopping Apps

On-line Shopping is increasing everyday but getting all the tools together to set up an e-commerce app requires a lot of work. These Shopping Apps are perfect tools to sell your products on-line and for business owners who do not want to spend the time and money setting up their own e-commerce, but would like to sell their products on-line and cash in on the market. You will have your own panel to upload and maintain your product pricing. You can sell as many products as you want and sell basically anything from the given 20 categories. For more information on this App please go to www.desiapps.ca / www.obapps.ca

Finding Your Home Apps

"Finding Your Home Apps" is made for those who are looking to buy or rent properties in their local area. They can find their dream home from their mobile devices while relaxing on their couch. This is a perfect vehicle for Real Estate marketing experts to sell or rent their properties right from the OB Panel. The “Contact Manager” is the perfect tool connected to this app for you to keep track of all your leads and start marketing properties with the “Property Manager” to your target market. www.desiapps.ca / www.obapps.ca

Automated Systems for over 124 categories,

find yours and get started today!

Our Services


Web Designing

We create sites that meets your business objectives and fully responsive designs for multiple

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Web Apps

Whether you are building Apps for your business or have an idea to launch Apps we can help.

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Search Engine Optimization allows your clients to find you quickly and efficiently.

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Social Media

Turn your Social Network into leads with a click of a button by Integrating on your Panel

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our work process

  • User Research

    We first begin with a Foundation Phase, in which we work with you to define business objectives and requirements. We find out the latest technology available to use for your project to stay up to date now and in the nearest future

  • Wireframes and Design

    We use best technology available to create user-interface and mock-ups. Measure twice, cut once we then develop your project over a series of incremental stages, each one demonstrating new, tested features, finishing with a full release

  • Development and Testing

    We build web applications, productivity tools, and business databases for businesses and workgroups. This focus requires a unique process that delivers projects in weeks or months, often with specific business goals in mind.